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ARRAHMAH.CO.ID – Speaking of inspiration and motivation, I have felt this kind of thing many times in life. Unfortunately, I can only realize that I have felt it in this present moment. Is it too late? No. for me, there is no such ‘too late’ in being better and doing better. I can start it now, from my self, because change begins with me. All I have to do now is trying my best, so that, in the next ten years, I will not regret my past ten years as I did yesterday.

‘Giving as many as contribution to people or everything around me’, this is the first words for me that inspires me a lot. My brother told me this words years ago. He said that this is such words given by his elementary teacher. I love this word so much. For me, these words represent what success means to me. It is very simple to be said, but not as that simple to be done. It demands us to put forward others and leave our ego. I know, it is such a very difficult thing, but I do know that difficult does not means impossible. There still always a chance, as long as we try. I believe that everybody can make a change.

When I was early semester of my undergraduate university, I met a very influential professor, at least for me. I still can remember clearly what he said: “God creates us different. It is not without purpose. He wants us to know each other, to understand each other, and to help each other. When there are two different things, it does not always mean that the first is ‘right’ and the second is ‘wrong’, both can be ‘right’ or even ‘wrong’, it is just a matter of concept. The most important is how we act toward it.”

Firstly, I do not understand clearly what he meant – concept, right, wrong, what should we do by these?. But now I know that the very basic thing he wants to teach us is mutual understanding and mutual respect. We need to be more appreciate toward other people’s beliefs, thoughts, choices, etc. Maybe, something seems different when we do not understand it. When we try to understand, difference is nothing. It is just something that can strengthen us.


To have peace in world is to have better perception toward other people. Indeed we are different in creation, God creates us different. But, we are one. We are all brothers. Consider other people good, because people are naturally born in fitrah, people born in the holy condition. Instead of different nationalities, religions, languages, cultures, we are all brothers. We have the same obligation and duty: to keep peace in world, to live together in peace.

We need to have positive thinking toward other and not underestimate other people, more over judging them from their appearance, in other words not to judge book by its cover. In this regard, I have such experience that teaches me a lot. It teaches me not to judge people from its appearance, more over since the first time we meet. Around 2 years ago, I joint such student exchange program. When the selection time held, I met a friend. She looks so usual, calm and silence. For couple minutes, I thought nothing special from her appearance. I consider her will not succeeded in this selection time. In fact, she has many great talents, she is good in performing both traditional dances and speech, and she has a very great English and good communication skill. Finally, she is the one who are chosen to be the participation of the program. Good job Girl.

That is why, we are not allowed to judge book by its cover. Judging can be such a source of cleavage. When people feel that they are underestimated by others, they can do bad actions or cruelties as a result of their disappointment toward others. And these things can contribute to the lost of the world peace. So, it is important for us to respect and understand other. However, everyone is special in their own way, we make each other strong. We are not the same. We are different in a god way, together where we belong. All we need is mutual understanding and respect.

World is our friend. Everyone deserves to live in it, to live in peace. Friendship is to understand, to hear. That is why we need to understand the world and all its content and the world will also understand us. We need to keep everything in balance. Do not worry and be positive be happy.


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